What our Students and Parents tell us is the confidence it gives them knowing that our 40 plus years of experience will help them make the important day to day decisions while preparing for and attending college.  Many told us their counselors, teachers, friends and families gave them a lot of "ideas" about how to receive college funding .  "Ideas are a dime a dozen" but those who can show you how to implement time tested strategies to receive maximum funding each year are "priceless" and will make your college dreams come true.

Alicia Tatum


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"I thought getting good grades, test scores and lots of community service and activities was all that was needed to get college funding.  I found out the knowledge and experience of the guidance I received from POWT and their team was the real piece I needed to cash in on all of my hard work and effort,"  Knowledge is Power!

David Alemian


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"As a parent serving professional clients, most told me their CPA or even their high school counselor told them they made too much money or had too many assets to qualify for college funding.  Thankfully that is just not true.  As a parent and a fiduciary for my clients, I want you to learn what most parents never learn which is why our country is plagued with college debt."

Jamal Muhammad

June 6, 2018

I learned about The Power of Working Together funding process from a colleague of mine when my daughter was just entering high school.  After following the process for 4 years of high school my daughter is attending  Bradley University, a private Christian University, and our out of pocket expense is $2400 per year to attend a school that is $37,000 per year.  The schools my daughter applied to offered in excess of $700,000 in non loan funding and my daughter selected Bradley because of their reputation in her field of interest.

Alezard Family


After all 4 of our students completed the POWT college planning and funding process we received in excess of $465,000 in funding we did not have to pay back.  Each student had their own schools they were interested in and ultimately selected the colleges they wanted to attend while capitalizing on thier good grades and great profiles to secure the funding they received. 

We were told by our CPA and our Financial Planner that we would not qualify for anything because both my wife and I were well employed.  Boy am I glad the POWT team knew better. 

We endorse this process for any student who is serious about attending their school of choice without concern for the huge costs of which we paid only a fraction.  See if you qualify and you will be happy you did.