Your higher education degree to prepare you for your chosen career is the ultimate objective.  Your high school counselors and teachers are NOT responsible for showing you how to fund college, that is your role as the student or parent of a college bound student.  Many myths about funding college have been built into the college planning and funding culture in our society and what is the result?  Nearly  $2 Trillion dollars in student loan debt with the total rising every day.  Helping you get from where you are today to graduation and transition to employment after graduation is all part of the Power Of Working Together mission. 

Knowing which schools to approach is the first step
to getting the funding you deserve - we know the process.

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Founded by a group of 5 families in 1980

The concept and vision began in 1975 with the research and support of a group of interns from Colorado College in the 1970's, Our organization makes available critical information about the process of college selection as well as the application and funding process. Understanding the process and how to make it work in your favor is the first step to a successful admission to the school of your choice. Questions ? Call us toll free 1 800 743 4731

Never pay full price for college with our knowledge!

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Negotiations with Award Letters

The most significant thing you can do EACH YEAR to increase funding.
Even when you are already in your school of choice !



Learn how to increase your odds of admission and funding by taking both exams because  many schools require them.

Even those who may not require the exams are more generous with their merit awards when students have taken the initiative to take and present their scores to the schools of choice,  We will show you how to influence the school to provide substantial awards because you did.

More effort means more funding

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