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Students receive between $40,000 over 4 years to more than $200,000 in funding that does not have to be repaid.  These resources, referred to as endowment funds, are awards the college hopes you will never learn about.

The potential of empty seats when competing for quality students encourages colleges to put their best offers on the table when they know, YOU KNOW how the process works.

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Listen to this brief audio to learn what colleges hope you will never learn about where the money comes from and why they are not telling you.

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Money for college that does not have to be repaid is available to you . . .

No matter what your family  income, GPA or Career Objectives, we will locate the funding . . . 

College Dreams come true for every committed student. It is NOT the responsibility of your high school counselors or teachers to show you how to get funding. The high school provides information to help YOU make choices. We provide a multitude of choices, we contact the schools on your behalf.  

Former student tells of her EXPERIENCE!                      
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Less than cost of books
for one semester of college.

Now more than ever before, accumulation of community service hours and activities can enhance the endowment funding you may earn.  Philanthropy created these awards, your philanthropy can make them work in your favor.

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