Audio message for Students and Parents

Filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid is key to receiving financial aid regardless of your household income or assets. By policy, colleges require students and parents to file the FAFSA on or after October 1 each year before awarding most student aid, whether need based or merit based.

As part of our Promise of Value, we provide you with guidance and assistance with completing these forms as part of our member services without any additional cost. Overlooking or ignoring this step can have a negative impact on the funding you receive regardless of income or assets.

If you have modest resources, your student may qualify for some need based financial aid but by far, the largest source of funding continues to be the merit awards your student will qualify for through proper preparation and planning.

With our record of over 40 years of never missing our Promise of Value for students and parents who follow the process, simply complete the attached information being as accurate and complete as possible. If you were contacted by a local community member who provides professional financial services you may wish to review your answers to these questions before sending your form to us so you can take advantage of their expertise and special training.

After completing the  questionnaire you can download below,  send the form attached to an email addressed to your student's custom email address, the address we assigned you when you joined, so we will identify who the form is for especially in the case of those students who may have a different sir name than their parents. If for any reason you do not want to submit the form to this address, simply contact your MEMBERS COACH to make other arrangements.

Not filing the form will VOID the promise of value as we cannot be accountable for errors you may make without our oversight. We ARE NOT going to file the actual form for you but to simply provide you with guidance and feedback so you do not inadvertently make errors that may cost your student funding that does not have to be repaid. We will not ask for Social Security Numbers or any other information which you may be required to submit when you file.


If you receive federal student aid based on incorrect or fraudulent information, you will have to pay it back. You may also have to pay fines and fees. If you purposely provide false or misleading information on the FAFSA, you may be fined up to $20,000, sent to prison, or both.

Questions? Contact MEMBER SUPPORT 800 743 4731 Ext 2

Thank you and congratulations on taking this important required step to effective college planning and funding outcomes.  

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This is a key element in our process and required for our Promise of Value