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Attended college and your college knows how to reach you? It's likely you hear from the college OFTEN, asking for contributions. 

  These ARE college endowment awards! 

Due to COVID concessions, colleges have not had to file IRS updates the last few years but click the button below to see some top college endowment awards . . . $600,000,000,000 and growing daily.  YES, 600 BILLION!

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We will show you WHICH schools will reward you and show you how to receive funding that was given to your college of choice to help you fund your higher education.  As long as a student has a year or more of college ahead, we will help.

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Endowment funding comes directly from the colleges and universities your student selects and we will guide you step by step exactly how to receive them from both IN STATE and OUT OF STATE accredited public and private Colleges and Universities.


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We have assisted thousands of students from Middle School through College Graduates fund their higher education over the past 40 years by showing students and parents how to access some $600 billion dollars colleges never tell you about. They simply offer loans having created over $1.7 trillion dollars in student loan debt. Billions have been given to colleges to help your deserving students fund college. These dollars go unclaimed simply because . . .  Students do NOT apply!


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As mentioned earlier, billions go unclaimed simply because students don't apply.  Both parents (if applicable) and the student MUST attend to receive our offer.


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There are colleges both public and private who will provide substantial endowment scholarships to reward you for your good grades, test scores, community service and career objectives.   Here is what you will receive too . . .

4.  Over One Billion Dollars